Dear manufacturer of OmegaBrite,
I have been taking your product since October of 2004. I was made aware of it through your website and purchased it on-line. I needed a good source of Omega 3 to help me deal with my elevated cholesterol levels and – even more importantly – my low HDL (good) cholesterol.

My doctor tells me that keeping cholesterol in-check is important, but keep my good cholesterol at higher levels is even more. I am diabetic (type 2). So keeping my cholesterol in-check is all the more important.

I am taking your product along with some new and improved food choices. I eat healthier foods than ever before. However, I have been doing that for years. And my cholesterol was still imbalanced. I could take prescription drugs but the side effects seem so counterproductive. So, I wanted a natural alternative. Your OmegaBrite seemed ideal.

I am writing to you after my latest test results have come in. It goes like this:
HDL levels (good cholesterol)
Oct 04: 0.75
Dec 04: 1.03
Jan 05: 1.12
Mar 05: 1.28
In only 5 months, I was able to bring my HDL to a scary low of 0.75 to a healthy 1.28 (1.1 is the healthy breakpoint). That’s a 71% improvement!

Thank you for making a great product