Autism Spectrum Disorder

My sons and I have been taking OmegaBrite for just over three months now....and I wanted to thank you. My youngest is diagnosed with PDDNOS (Autism Spectrum Disorder) as well as gastrointestinal issues. His reflux has lessened and he is recovering quickly from bouts of anger. My eldest son's eczema is clearing. I am diagnosed [...]

I can see a difference in myself and my son

We all started on OmegaBrite in my family about 3 weeks ago and I can see a difference in myself and my son! How to describe the change? A slight mood elevation, clearer focus, and my morning run has gotten easier!!! This product was recommended by my psychiatrist and he even said, I use it [...]

I put my entire family on OmegaBrite

I put the entire family on OmegaBrite almost four weeks ago. My daughter has shown great improvement in her rage symptoms that come with Bipolar; we had her on a store brand omega-3 supplement prior to this. My husband is experiencing less swelling and pain in his arthritic knee. My 4 year old son has [...]

Thank you for giving my daughter new hope and confidence

My daughter was diagnosed with ADD since she was in the 3rd grade. We would both end up crying every night with homework and just her everyday struggles with not retaining things, impulsiveness and her attitude in general. Her doctor suggested OmegaBrite and she is off to a wonderful start this year in school. We [...]

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