Realizing that with OmegaBrite staying focused was now something I could do quite easily

I have enjoyed a steady state of well-being throughout. At the time I started on OmegaBrite I suffered from adult attention deficit disorder. Ten months later, I gave up Ritalin, realizing that with OmegaBrite staying focused was now something I could do quite easily. Not only that, but I was able to discontinue the use [...]

OmegaBrite had such a dramatic effect I wanted to thank you.

I never write letters of approval for any product but OmegaBrite had such a dramatic effect I wanted to thank you. My 36 year old husband is bipolar, has psoriasis and ulcerative colitis. He has been taking three pills per day for many months. It has been absolutely amazing how it has transformed his life. [...]

In only 5 months, I was able to bring my HDL to a scary low of 0.75 to a healthy 1.28

Dear manufacturer of OmegaBrite, I have been taking your product since October of 2004. I was made aware of it through your website and purchased it on-line. I needed a good source of Omega 3 to help me deal with my elevated cholesterol levels and - even more importantly - my low HDL (good) cholesterol. [...]

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Need to be as mentally sharp as possible

I am a hospital pharmacist and need to be as mentally sharp as possible. When I became bipolar, I was started on a prescription mood stabilizer which made it difficult for me to function in my job. With the help of OmegaBrite, I've been able to substantially reduce the dose of prescription medication, and am [...]

I wouldn’t do without it.

Omega3 Fatty Acids should be the first line of treatment for mood disorders. OmegaBrite plus vitamins has been the most powerful and longest lasting treatment for me, and I've tried almost everything. I've battled with severe Bipolar for over 14 years. I started taking OmegaBrite over 2 years ago, and I wouldn't do without it. [...]

My life has changed in every way

I had heart disease, type II diabetes, arthritis, bi-polar disorder, a metabolic disorder, and was diagnosed with Asperger's. In the six months I have been on an omega-3 diet, including 6 capsules of OmegaBrite everyday, my life has changed in every way. I am no longer arthritic or bi-polar, I have a healthy heart, and [...]

I felt a dramatic change in my mood

This product is the best thing I have ever taken. Its value is more than I can write or say. I have recommended it to all my family and friends. From the very first day I started taking OmegaBrite, I felt the dramatic change in my mood and my energy level was boosted. The most [...]

I put my entire family on OmegaBrite

I put the entire family on OmegaBrite almost four weeks ago. My daughter has shown great improvement in her rage symptoms that come with Bipolar; we had her on a store brand omega-3 supplement prior to this. My husband is experiencing less swelling and pain in his arthritic knee. My 4 year old son has [...]