I put my entire family on OmegaBrite

I put the entire family on OmegaBrite almost four weeks ago. My daughter has shown great improvement in her rage symptoms that come with Bipolar; we had her on a store brand omega-3 supplement prior to this. My husband is experiencing less swelling and pain in his arthritic knee. My 4 year old son has not been diagnosed but has shown great improvement in his rage and temper. My 2 and a half year old son has show so many improvements in his speech that I swear OmegaBrite must be a miracle. He has multiple developmental delays and up until three weeks ago rarely put two words togetherwell not anymore! We are getting two to three word sentences and new words daily. As for myself, I am just feeling better in general with less aching all over and a general feeling of wellness. I just think OmegaBrite is amazing and have already recommended it to several people. Thank you for putting out such a great product.

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