Omega 3 for muscle recovery

By Michaela Carrick

  • Research has shown that Omega 3 fish oil benefits bodybuilding and other sports recovery.
  • Taking Omega 3 for muscle building will increase your recovery time after working out.
  • Muscle recovery is an extremely important stage of any training plan.
  • Omega-3 has many other benefits for athletic performance.
  • Omega-3 supplementation can improve muscle strength and function, reduce muscle damage and soreness, and improve the function of the heart and lungs
  • Taking Omega 3 for muscle building and recovery should be part of your daily regime.
  • Omega 3 boosts the effect of exercise

During exercise, our body is put under stress. This stress allows us to improve our fitness and stimulates muscle protein synthesis. Once the exercise has ceased, the body goes into recovery mode. Recovery mode involves the body’s adaptation to the stress it experienced during exercise. If the body does not fully recover, we are more at risk of injuries as our body has not adapted to the stress of exercise. Overall optimal stress recovery leads to improved physical strength and fitness.

MPS : MPB Ratio

Protein turnover is the balance of protein production and protein break-down in the body. When muscle protein synthesis (MPS) exceeds muscle protein breakdown (MPB), the body is in an anabolic state and builds muscle1. If MPB exceeds MPS, the body is in a catabolic state and burns muscle tissue. As humans age, our rate of MPS – muscle protein synthesis – slows down and our MPB – muscle protein break-down – increases due to muscle disuse2. This leads to muscle wasting and ultimately, sarcopenia. Resistance exercise, such as weight lifting, has been shown to stimulate MPS and there is evidence that protein supplementation reduces muscle loss3.

High-quality protein sources such as eggs, soy and Whey provide the essential amino a