I have enjoyed a steady state of well-being throughout. At the time I started on OmegaBrite I suffered from adult attention deficit disorder. Ten months later, I gave up Ritalin, realizing that with OmegaBrite staying focused was now something I could do quite easily. Not only that, but I was able to discontinue the use of Xanax.

The most dramatic change in body chemistry, however, came in my readings of my blood lipids. Prior to taking OmegaBrite, I suffered hypercholesterolemia and heart disease. Only with 60mgs of Lipitor a day was I able to drop my cholesterol to 200/ My triglycerides and LDL were consistently abnormally high. Six weeks after starting OmegaBrite my cholesterol level dropped to 123. My cardiologist declared that my lipid figures looked like those of a vegetarian. To summarize, OmegaBrite has allowed me to discontinue two psychotropic medications and begin reduction of the remaining two, while maintaining an elevated mood and pervasive sense of well being. OmegaBrite has also brought my cholesterol figure down to the neighborhood of 150.