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Welcome! You have arrived at a web site that is provided by Omega Natural Science, Inc and our affiliates and certain other third parties (“OmegaBrite” or “we,” “our” or “us”).

Your agreement with us includes these, our Privacy Policy, Return and Exchange Policy, Shipping Policy, and any additional terms that you agree to, as discussed in the Entire Agreement section (collectively referred to together as the “Terms”.)

The Terms govern your use of www.omegabrite.com (including, without limitation, both mobile and online versions of our site and our site store), and also applies to your use of all features, applications, content, downloads, products, auto-renewal programs, customer service, and other services that we make available through the site, through our customer service via phone, email, and other forms of communication, and/or that post a link to these Terms (collectively, referred to herein as the “Site”). By using the Site, you acknowledge and accept the Site’s Privacy Policy and consent to the collection and use of your data in accordance with the Privacy Policy, and to be bound by these Terms.

Please read the Terms carefully. They cover important information about the Site and any charges, taxes, and fees we bill you. The Terms include information about future changes to the Terms, export controls, automatic renewals, limitations of liability, a class action waiver, and resolution of disputes by arbitration instead of in court.

If you wish to review the provisions of the Terms, the effective version of the Terms can be found on OmegaBrite’s website. You acknowledge that you have read and understood the Terms, accept these Terms, and agree to be bound by them. If you don’t agree with (or cannot comply with) the Terms, then you may not use the OmegaBrite Site or consume any Content or OmegaBrite products or services.

If You Want to Use This Site,

then carefully read these entire Terms (including all links to details), as they constitute a written agreement between you and us and they affect your legal rights and obligations. Each time you access and/or use the Site (other than to simply read these Terms), including by ordering any product from OmegaBrite, whether by clicking through over the internet, telephone, facsimile or otherwise, the customer agrees to be bound by these Terms you agree to be bound by and comply with these Terms and any Additional Terms (defined below) then posted. Therefore, do not use the Site if you do not agree.

The business realities associated with operating the Site are such that, without the conditions that are set forth in these Terms — such as your grants and waivers of rights, the limitations on our liability, your indemnity of us, and arbitration of certain disputes – OmegaBrite would not make the Site available to you.

In some instances, both these Terms and separate guidelines, rules, or terms of use or sale setting forth additional or different terms and/or conditions will apply to your use of the Site or to a service or product offered via the Site (in each such instance, and collectively “Additional Terms”).

It is important that you read and understand these entire Terms before using the Site. This table of contents further highlights some key issues and points and you can click on the headings and “More” links to be taken to the full explanation.

  1. Site Content, Ownership, Limited License and Rights of Others
    We only grant you a limited revocable license to use the Site for your own non-commercial use subject to rules and limitations.  
  2. Site and Content Use Restrictions
    Your use is subject to our rules. 
  3. Opening and Terminating Accounts
    You may open, revise and close your accounts. 
  4. Terms Applicable For Purchases
    If you purchase goods or services through the OmegaBrite store, these terms apply.
  5. Auto-Renewal Terms
    If you select auto-refill plans on items, purchase auto-refill products, or otherwise enroll in our auto-refill program to receive your order and be charged according to a regular frequency, these terms apply. 
  6. Notices, Questions and Customer Service
    This section contains customer service and other terms. You agree that we may provide you notices, including notices of new terms and conditions, by posting notice on the home page of the Site or by other reasonable means, such as to the email you provided.  
  7. Links by You to the Site
    You may link to our Site, subject to some basic rules. 
  8. Linked-To Websites; Advertisements; Dealings with Third Parties
    We are not responsible for third parties or their content, advertisements, apps or sites.
  9. Wireless
    Wireless carrier charges may apply to use of the Site via wireless networks or your personal computers, mobile handsets, tablets, and/or other relevant devices (“Devices”).
  10. Dispute Resolution
    You agree to arbitrate most disputes and waive jury trial and class actions.  
  11. Disclaimer of Representations and Warranties
    We disclaim most warranties and provide the Site “As Is”.  
  12. Limitations of our Liability
    Our liability is greatly limited.  
  13. Waiver of Injunctive or Other Equitable Relief
    You waive equitable or injunctive relief.  
  14. Updates to Terms
    These Terms and Additional Terms posted on the Site at each time of use apply to that use, and the Terms may be prospectively updated as our Site evolves. Posting of new terms on the Site is notice to you thereof.  
  15. General Provisions
    You agree to various other terms and conditions.  

  16. Contact US
    This section provides how to contact us and more.  More on Contact Us


Full Details of Terms and Conditions

  1. Site Content, Ownership, Limited License and Rights of Others

    1. Content.

      The Site contains a variety of: (i) materials and other items relating to OmegaBrite, OmegaBrite’s products and services, and similar items from our licensors and other third parties, including all layout, information, articles, reviews, posts, text, data, files, images, scripts, designs, graphics, button icons, instructions, illustrations, photographs, audio clips, music, sounds, pictures, videos, advertising copy, URLs, technology, software, interactive features, the “look and feel” of the Site, and the compilation, assembly, and arrangement of the materials of the Site and any and all copyrightable material (including source and object code); (ii) trademarks, trade dress, logos, trade names, service marks, and/or trade identities of various parties, including those of OmegaBrite (collectively, “Trademarks”); and (iii) other forms of intellectual property (all of the foregoing, collectively “Content”).

    2. Ownership. The Site (including past, present and future versions) and the Content are owned or controlled by OmegaBrite and our licensors and certain other third parties. All right, title, and interest in and to the Content available via the Site is the property of OmegaBrite or our licensors or certain other third parties, and is protected by U.S. and international copyright, trademark, trade dress, patent, or other intellectual property and unfair competition rights and laws to the fullest extent possible.
    3. Rights of Others. When using the Site, you must respect the intellectual property and other rights of OmegaBrite and others. Your unauthorized use of Content may violate copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, communications, and other laws, and any such use may result in your personal liability, including potential criminal liability.
  1. Site and Content Use Restrictions

    1. Site Use Restrictions.

      You agree that you will not: (i) use the Site for any political or commercial purpose (including, without limitation, for purposes of advertising, soliciting funds, collecting product prices, and selling products); (ii) use any meta tags or any other “hidden text” utilizing any Trademarks; (iii) engage in any activities through or in connection with the Site that seek to attempt to or do harm any individuals or entities or are unlawful, offensive, obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, violent, threatening, harassing, or abusive, or that violate any right of any third party, or are otherwise objectionable to OmegaBrite; (iv) reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, reverse assemble, or modify any Site source or object code or any software or other products, services, or processes accessible through any portion of the Site; (v) engage in any activity that interferes with a user’s access to the Site or the proper operation of the Site, or otherwise causes harm to the Site, OmegaBrite, or other users of the Site; (vi) interfere with or circumvent any security feature of the Site or any feature that restricts or enforces limitations on use of or access to the Site, the Content; (vii) harvest or otherwise collect or store any information; (viii) attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Site, other computer systems or networks connected to the Site, through any means; or (ix) otherwise violate these Terms or any Additional Terms.

    2. Content Use Restrictions. You also agree that, in using the Site: (i) you will not monitor, gather, copy, or distribute the Content (except as may be a result of standard search engine activity or use of a standard browser) on the Site by using any robot, rover, “bot”, spider, scraper, crawler, spyware, engine, device, software, extraction tool, or any other automatic device, utility, or manual process of any kind; (ii) you will not frame or utilize framing techniques to enclose any such Content (including any images, text, or page layout); (iii) you will keep intact all Trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property notices contained in such Content; (iv) you will not use such Content in a manner that suggests an unauthorized association with any of our or our licensors’ products, services, or brands; (v) you will not make any modifications to such Content; (vi) you will not copy, modify, reproduce, archive, sell, lease, rent, exchange, create derivative works from, publish by hard copy or electronic means, publicly perform, display, disseminate, distribute, broadcast, retransmit, circulate or transfer to any third party or on any third-party application or website, or otherwise use or exploit such Content in any way for any purpose except as specifically permitted by these Terms or any Additional Terms or with the prior written consent of an officer of OmegaBrite or, in the case of Content from a licensor, the owner of the Content; and (vii) you will not insert any code or product to manipulate such Content in any way that adversely affects any user experience.
    3. Availability of Site and Content. OmegaBrite may immediately suspend or terminate the availability of the Site and Content (and any elements and features of them), in whole or in part, for any reason, in OmegaBrite’s sole discretion, and without advance notice or liability.
    4. Reservation of All Rights Not Granted as to Content and Site. These Terms and any Additional Terms include only narrow, limited grants of rights to Content and to use and access the Site. No right or license may be construed, under any legal theory, by implication, estoppel, industry custom, or otherwise. All rights not expressly granted to you are reserved by OmegaBrite and its licensors and other third parties. Any unauthorized use of any Content or the Site for any purpose is prohibited.
  1. Opening and Terminating Accounts

    1. In order to access or use some (or potentially all) of the features on the Site, you may be required to first register through our online registration process, found here to register. The Site’s practices governing any resulting collection and use of your personal information that we collect as part of account registration are disclosed in our Privacy Policy. If you are under the age of eighteen (18), then you are not permitted to register as a user, or otherwise use the Site or submit personal information to us. 
If you register for any feature that requires a password and/or username, then you will select your own password at the time of registration (or we may send you an email notification with a randomly generated initial password) and you agree that: (i) You will not use a username (or e-mail address) that is already being used by someone else, may impersonate another person, belongs to another person, violates the intellectual property or other right of any person or entity, or is offensive. We may reject the use of any password, username, or e-mail address for any other reason in our sole discretion; (ii) You will provide true, accurate, current, and complete registration information about yourself in connection with the registration process and, as permitted, to maintain and update it continuously and promptly to keep it accurate, current, and complete; (iii) You are solely responsible for all activities that occur under your account, password, and username – whether or not you authorized the activity; (iv) You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and for restricting access to your Device so that others may not access any password protected portion of the Site using your name, username, or password; (v) You will immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your account, password, or username, or any other breach of security; and (vi) You will not sell, transfer, or assign your account or any account rights.
We will not be liable for any loss or damage (of any kind and under any legal theory) to you or any third party arising from your inability or failure for any reason to comply with any of the foregoing obligations.
If any information that you provide, or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that any information that you provide, is false, inaccurate, outdated, incomplete, or violates these Terms, any Additional Terms, or any applicable law, then we may suspend or terminate your account. We also reserve the more general and broad right to terminate your account or suspend or otherwise deny you access to it or its benefits or to the Site – all in our sole discretion, for any reason, and without advance notice or liability. If you would like to close your OmegaBrite Site account, please contact us at updates@omegabrite.com and include “Account Closure Request” in the subject line with your full name and email address associated with your account.

  1. Terms Applicable For Purchases

    1. Generally.

      To purchase any products or services in the OmegaBrite online store, you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Prior to the purchase of any products or services, you must provide us with a valid credit or debit card number and associated payment information including all of the following: (i) your name as it appears on the card, (ii) your credit or debit card number, (iii) the credit or debit card type, (iv) the date of expiration, (v) any activation numbers or codes needed to charge your card or otherwise use a valid gift card, and (vi) the full billing address associated with your card as well as the shipping address for your order, if different. By submitting that information to us or our third party credit card processor, you agree that you authorize us and/or our processor to charge your card at our convenience but within thirty (30) days of credit or debit card authorization (except if the product you ordered is backordered, in which case your credit or debit card may be authorized at the time of order placement, but only charged, or reauthorized and then charged if the initial authorization expired, once we have the item back in stock and your order goes to ship; in the case of such a backorder, you hereby acknowledge and agree that the amount of time that will elapse between the date of your order or the initial authorization and the date your credit card is charged is impossible to predict due to a variety of factors, including freight shipping, and may be longer than 30 days) and you authorize us, in the situation that the initial authorization expires prior to charging your card, to reauthorize and then charge your card; additionally, you agree that you authorize us to make these authorizations or charges or both across a single transaction or multiple smaller transactions totaling the same amount at our discretion; and, similarly, to fulfill your order either in one order and shipment or by breaking it into two or more orders or shipments or both to best facilitate the processing of your order (such as in the case of an order containing both a backordered item and an in-stock item) at our discretion; we may also complete the credit card charge without first performing a prior authorization; you hereby agree and acknowledge that we are not responsible for, and you hereby indemnify us against, any bank, credit card, or other fees or costs incurred by you including but not limited to relating to any of the foregoing. For any product or service that you order on the Site, you agree to pay the price applicable (including any sales taxes, surcharges, and shipping and handling) as of the time you submit the order. OmegaBrite will automatically bill your credit card or other form of payment submitted as part of the order process for such price. Please note that we do not provide price protection or refunds in the event of a price drop or promotional offering. All references in this section to purchases on the site or otherwise also include automatically generated orders that may be placed by us or our system as part of a recurring auto-refill account you create, as well as to orders placed by any means, including but not limited to phone, internet, mail, and fax.

    2. Methods of Payment, Credit Card Terms and Taxes. All payments must be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express or by check (sent via mail). We currently do not accept cash, although in the future we may change this policy. Your card issuer agreement governs your use of your designated card, and you must refer to that agreement and not these Terms to determine your rights and liabilities as a cardholder. You represent and warrant that you will not use any credit card or other form of payment unless you have all necessary legal authorization to do so. YOU, AND NOT OMEGABRITE, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING ANY UNAUTHORIZED AMOUNTS BILLED TO YOUR CREDIT CARD BY A THIRD PARTY. You agree to pay all fees and charges incurred in connection with your purchases (including any applicable taxes) at the rates in effect when the charges were incurred. Unless you notify OmegaBrite of any discrepancies within sixty (60) days after they first appear on your credit card statement, you agree that they will be deemed accepted by you for all purposes. If OmegaBrite does not receive payment from your credit card issuer or its agent, you agree to pay all amounts due upon demand by OmegaBrite or its agents. Sales taxes, or other taxes, customs, import/export charges, or similar governmental charges are not included in the price of the products. You are responsible for paying any such taxes or charges imposed on your purchases, including, but not limited to, sales, use or value-added taxes, as you are also responsible for any and all shipping and handling charges imposed on your orders, which changes from time to time and you acknowledge such change to be outside of our control. OmegaBrite shall automatically charge the applicable shipping and handling charges and charge and withhold the applicable tax for orders to be delivered to addresses within any states or localities that it deems is required in accordance with our order policy in effect at the time of purchase.
    3. Return Policy and Shipping Policy. All purchase transactions made through the Site are subject to OmegaBrite’s Return and Exchange Policy and Shipping Policy in effect at the time of purchase. OmegaBrite’s current Return and Exchange Policy can be found here and is incorporated into these Terms by reference. OmegaBrite’s current Shipping Policy can be found here and is incorporated into these Terms by reference.
    4. Order Acceptance Policy. Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. OmegaBrite reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason, and we will not be responsible for, and you indemnify us against, any authorizations performed if your order is not partially or fully accepted and any transactional fees you incur with third parties. OmegaBrite further reserves the right any time after receipt of your order, without prior notice to you, to supply less than the quantity you ordered of any item. Your order will be deemed accepted by OmegaBrite upon our delivery of products or services that you have ordered. We may require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. We do not guarantee that the item you order will be in stock for us to fulfil your order with, even if the it is listed or stated to be in-stock, and you agree, accept, and acknowledge that in the event that it is not we may lower your ordered quantity, delay your order until the item comes back into stock, or cancel your order, and we are not responsible for any authorizations made during that process or any transactional fees you incur with third parties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you agree that, if we cancel all or a portion of your order or if we provide you less than the quantity you ordered, your sole and exclusive remedy is either that: (a) we will issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount charged for the cancelled portion or the quantity not provided (if your credit card has already been charged for the order) or (b) we will not charge your credit card for the cancelled portion of the order or the quantity not provided. Do not assume that a cancellation or change of an order you have placed with OmegaBrite has been effected until you receive a confirmation from OmegaBrite via email or the Site. As stated above, you will be responsible for, and your credit card or third-party payment account may be charged for, the payment of all fees associated with orders already processed or shipped before your cancellation/change request or a request to terminate your account was received. Once you have placed your order and it has been submitted, your order cannot be canceled (other than future auto-refill orders per the Auto-renewal terms. All responsibility including product damage, shipping errors become that of the purchaser at the time it leaves our facility. 
    5. This Site is provided solely for retail customers. The Site shall not be used to purchase products for re-sale or export. You represent, warrant, and covenant that by placing an order via the Site that you are not a reseller, dealer, exporter, or distributor who resells the products offered by us online or via the internet other than with our prior express written consent. Site does not accept orders from any reseller, dealer, exporter, or distributor who resells our products online other than with our prior express written consent. Site reserves the right to immediately bar access to the Site, terminate the account of, and take whatever other further action, including applying for injunctive relief, available at law or in equity against any user who violates this provision.
    6. No Responsibility to Sell Mispriced Products or Services. We do our best to describe every item, product or service offered on this Site as accurately as possible. However, we are human, and therefore we do not warrant that specifications or pricing on the Site is complete, accurate, reliable, current, or error-free. In the event of any errors relating to the pricing or specifications of any item, product or service, OmegaBrite shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders in its sole discretion. If we charged your credit card or other account prior to cancellation, we will issue a credit to your account in the amount of the charge. Additional terms may apply. If a product you purchased from OmegaBrite is not as described, your sole remedy is to return it in unused condition, complete and undamaged, in the original packaging.
  1. Auto-Renewal Terms

    1. OmegaBrite’s automatic-renewal program (referred to interchangeably throughout these Terms, Additional Terms, throughout the website, on other documents, and by customer service by phone, email and other forms of communication as “AutoRefill”, “Auto-Ship”, “Subscription” and other names) is a program in which you place an order for an AutoRefill specific item to create one or more AutoRefill programs, also called an AutoRefill account, in which you are requesting and authorizing us to automatically ship your order and charge your credit card for the order you selected, including shipping and handling, and tax, on a regular basis until you cancel, which you can do anytime, effective five days after the date you cancel.

      The price of the product is separate from shipping and handling, which may vary from order to order outside of our control. You accept that there may be a change in the shipping and handling price, which you acknowledge is outside of our control and you waive any notice of such a change, including but not limited to as it affects your AutoRefill orders, however, this does not apply to a change in product price that affects your AutoRefill orders, which we will notify you of in advance, per the related provisions in these Terms, which you can view here. as shipping and handling rates vary.

      When you place that order you specify a frequency you would like (the default on the website as it says is every 30 days). Each AutoRefill program is associated with a single item (in the quantity you choose), so, as an example, by placing an order for two AutoRefill items, you create two independent AutoRefill programs, each of which must be managed, adjusted, and / or cancelled individually. If you have more than one AutoRefill program, the system may automatically group them all into a single order that may charge and ship as one, but each unique item has its own independent AutoRefill program.

      Your first order will charge and ship generally within 24 hours of you placing it. Your AutoRefill program then automatically creates new orders for you, and charges your card and ships your products, according to the frequency you specified (so, if your frequency is 30 days for instance, then your next order would be automatically created 30 days from the date of your first order, then 30 days from that date, and so on and so forth), and continues indefinitely until you decide to cancel. (The time period between each AutoRefill order and the next one is referred to herein as the “Subscription Period”).Its important to understand that by enrolling in AutoRefill, usually by purchasing an AutoRefill product, you are requesting that we automatically charge your card and ship your product to you according to your chose frequency (usually every month) with no set end date, meaning you have to go into your OmegaBrite account or contact us to cancel it. That cancellation will apply to the next order at least 5 days from the date of cancellation (to cancel your next immediate order in your AutoRefill program you must cancel at least five days prior to the date its currently scheduled to be generated, otherwise the cancellation will apply to the subsequent order). Remember, if you ordered multiple AutoRefill items, even if you receive them in the same order, you must cancel EACH AutoRefill programs separately. Performing a cancellation on one AutoRefill program has no effect on any others you may have.By proceeding with your order and completing the checkout process, you are thereby consenting to the above and are thereby authorizing each of those purchases and corresponding credit card charges.

      How to Cancel Your AutoRefill Program

      Use one of the following methods to cancel your AutoRefill Program. Your cancellation will take effect five days from the date you cancel, as further clarified in regard to cancellation via physical mail per Method 3 below.

      • Method 1:
        • Log into your OmegaBrite.com Account
        • Click on each of your subscriptions
        • For each of them, click the “suspend” link
        • Confirm in the popup window
        • Verify that the refreshed version of your subscription page reflects the word “suspended”
      • Method 2:
        • Call us at 1-800-383-2030 or email us at updates@omegabrite.com and request that we cancel your AutoRefill program (you should include reference to your full name, billing address, and subscription ID in your email or have the same on hand when you call).
      • Method 3:
        • Fill out our Cancellation Form, which you can download here
        • Email, fax, or mail it to us at updates@omegabrite.com, 1-781-652-0504, or Omega Natural Science, Inc., 8275 S Eastern Avenue, Suite 121, Las Vegas, NV 89123, USA, respectively. *If you choose to mail the form, then the cancellation will apply five days from the date we receive the form, not the date you sent it.
    2. You may adjust your frequency at any time yourself by logging into your OmegaBrite account or by contacting us at 1-800-383-2030 or updates@omegabrite.com. Your adjustment will apply to the order after the next order in your AutoRefill program (so your next order will go out on the date it was already scheduled to, but the AutoRefill program will calculate the one after that based on your updated frequency). Your change must be received within five days of your next order or it may apply to the next order after it (so if you make your adjustment within two days of your next order, the AutoRefill program may calculate the one after it with the current frequency, and use your updated frequency to calculate all ones after that one).
    3. If you wish to adjust the date your next order will ship and charge, or skip an order, you can do that also yourself by logging into your OmegaBrite account or by contacting us at 1-800-383-2030 or updates@omegabrite.com. This will affect your immediate next order, but then the AutoRefill program will calculate the order after that based on the current frequency as usual. Your change must be received within five days of your next order or it may apply to the next order after it (so to adjust the date your immediate next order will ship and charge, you need to make the adjustment at least five days prior to the currently scheduled date).
    4. This section applies to your enrollment in AutoRefill by any means, including but not limited to phone, internet or website, email, chat, mail, or fax, and whether you personally enrolled or someone else in your household did on your behalf.
    5. Your payment to OmegaBrite will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period, unless you cancel your AutoRefill program through your subscription page in your OmegaBrite account or by contacting us at at 1-800-383-2030 or updates@omegabrite.com at least five days before the end of the current subscription period. The cancellation will take effect five days after the date you make or give us notice of the cancellation. Orders that have already been generated, regardless of whether you have received the orders or they are still processing or in transit, and orders already scheduled to be generated within the next five days cannot be cancelled and, except as expressly provided in these terms, OmegaBrite will not refund any corresponding fees that you have already paid or are scheduled to pay for the aforementioned orders, therefore it is important to understand that if you desire to cancel your next AutoRefill program applicable to your next order, you must do so at least five days before it is scheduled to be automatically created. The limitation section sets forth further terms relating to the cancellation of your AutoRefill program.