Frequently Asked Questions – OmegaBrite, EPA Fatty Acid & More

OmegaBrite General Questions

Is OmegaBrite a drug and will my insurance pay for it?2017-01-13T13:39:37+01:00

OmegaBrite is food supplement. Please check with your insurance company for their terms.

Does OmegaBrite have any side effects?2017-01-13T13:39:37+01:00

OmegaBrite is food supplement so there are no side effects. It is best taken with a meal.

Does OmegaBrite have any aftertaste or smell?2017-01-13T13:39:38+01:00

OmegaBrite is manufactured in an oxygen-free environment, using nitrogen flushing and nitrogen blanketing technology. This reduces oxidation which prevents any aftertaste or smell.

How long does it take to see results?2017-01-13T13:39:38+01:00

Results vary between individuals. You may notice a difference in a few days or it could take a few weeks. It can take several months to balance your omega-6 levels. You need to continue to take OmegaBrite to maintain the benefits.

How is OmegaBrite different from other products on the market?2018-05-11T14:03:20+01:00

The key differences of OmegaBrite are the purity, concentration & our unique 7:1 high EPA ratio. OmegaBrite is the only omega-3 to test every batch before, during, and after production.

What is OmegaBrite?2018-06-27T16:44:16+01:00

OmegaBrite is the purest omega 3 supplement on the market today. OmegaBrite is 100 percent natural. It is formulated by doctors to give you the highest quality omega 3 product.

Omega-3’s in General

What are Arachidonic acid (AA) and Alpha Linoic Acid (ALA)?2017-01-13T14:23:56+01:00

Arachidonic acid is a 20 carbon omega-6 fatty acid with 4 double bonds. Omega-6 fats are polyunsaturated with the first double-bond beginning with the 6th carbon atom from the methyl end of the molecule. An 18 carbon Omega-3 fatty acid with 3 double bonds. Alpha-linolenic acid is found in flaxseed and other plant oils. Note how just 3 double-bonds alters the chemical structure, making alpha-linolenic acid much more highly folded than an 18 carbon saturated fat.

What are EPA Fish Oil and DHA Fish Oil?2017-03-10T12:30:47+01:00

Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) is a type of omega-3 that is essential for healthy immune function, cardiac function, mood, joint, eye, and brain health. Docosahexaenoic acid is also an omega-3 fatty acid. DHA is crucial for neurological and visual development in the human fetus and newborn, and is found in high concentration in the brain. EPA fish oil and DHA fish oil are only found in seafood and marine algae.

Why are Omega-3s from plants (such as flaxseed oil) ineffective in most people?2017-01-13T14:24:23+01:00

Some people can convert EPA and DHA from ALA, but many cannot and therefore often times people may not receive the full benefits of omega-3s from only consuming plant based products. Even for people who can convert ALA into EPA and DHA, the conversion rate is very small. Only 5% of ALA can be synthesized to EPA. Less than 0.5% of ALA can be synthesized to DHA.

What are the benefits of omega-3 fish oils vs omega-6?2017-03-10T12:34:55+01:00

Omega-3 fish oil is an anti-inflammatory molecule. Omega-3s may improve many conditions such as: high blood pressure, arthritis pain, inflammation and depression. Omega-6 is an inflammatory molecule and competes with omega-3 for the same chemical receptors in the body. Omega-6 is important in the body as it promotes inflammation but it is abundant in western diets. Many people may find it beneficial to lower their omega-6 levels and increase their intake in omega-3.

Can’t I just eat more fish?2017-01-13T14:25:05+01:00

A lot species of fish, specifically larger fish, may contain toxins. OmegaBrite is rigorously tested at every stage of production for impurities, toxins, and PCB’s.

How we make OmegaBrite

What fish is OmegaBrite from?2017-01-13T13:37:26+01:00

The fish oils used in OmegaBrite originate from sardines and anchovies from the cold, clean waters off the coast of Chile and Peru.

How is OmegaBrite made?2017-01-13T13:37:26+01:00

OmegaBrite starts from small anchovies and sardines off the coast of Chile and Peru. The oil from these small, pure fish is then distilled and concentrated. Meticulous testing is completed before and after each stage of manufacturing. At all stages, nitrogen blanketing and nitrogen flushing is utilized to prevent oxidation and keep OmegaBrite tasting great. The oil, capsules, and then finished product are transported with the highest care, often utilizing refrigerated trucks and cooling blankets to ensure customer satisfaction. After even more testing and quality care the final orange box is delivered to your door step.

How is OmegaBrite tested to be free of mercury?2017-01-13T13:37:26+01:00

As part of our strict quality control program, we test every batch of OmegaBrite for dioxins, PCB’s, Mercury and other heavy metals. OmegaBrite test results meet or exceed the purity standards of California Proposition 65 and the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

Why is protecting the product from oxidization so important?2017-01-13T13:37:26+01:00

Oxidization can affect the taste and smell of omega-3 oil. OmegaBrite takes great care to prevent oxidation. From using cooling blankets, to refrigerated trucks, to nitrogen blanketing and nitrogen flushing, we are leaders in the industry in preventing oxidation.

Are you USP verified?2017-01-13T13:37:26+01:00

No, however we are third-party tested by Consumer Lab and members of the IFOS program.

How is OmegaBrite tested?2017-01-13T13:37:26+01:00

OmegaBrite is tested at key points during the manufacturing process to ensure purity and omega-3 concentration. The finished product is also sent for independent testing by ConsumerLab.com, and the IFOS program with the results published on their website. OmegaBrite also tests the finished product every six months for three years in an independent stability study.

What’s in OmegaBrite Gelcaps

Is the gelatin used in OmegaBrite Kosher Certified?2017-01-13T13:36:01+01:00

Yes, OmegaBrite’s gelatin is Kosher Certified.

Is OmegaBrite gluten free?2017-01-13T13:36:01+01:00

Yes, OmegaBrite is gluten free.

What are the ingredients in OmegaBrite?2017-01-13T13:36:01+01:00

The ingredients of OmegaBrite are fish oil concentrate, Kosher certified gelatin, vitamin E and rosemary extract.

Why does OmegaBrite have vitamin E?2017-01-13T13:36:01+01:00

OmegaBrite contains a small amount of vitamin E to further prevent oxidization and maintain freshness.

How is OmegaBrite different from flax seed and flax seed oil?2017-01-13T13:36:01+01:00

OmegaBrite is 90% Omega-3 essential fatty acids derived from marine fish oils. Flax seed oil is from a plant source and is an 18 chain Omega-3 EFA.

How much EPA and DHA are in each capsule?2017-01-13T13:36:01+01:00

Each OmegaBrite capsule contains 350 milligrams of EPA and 40 milligrams of DHA. The recommended serving size of OmegaBrite is 3 capsules with a serving containing a total of 1050 milligrams of EPA. The recommended serving size of OmegaBrite contains 150 milligrams of DHA.

Dosage and Directions for Use

What amount of EPA in Fish Oil is most beneficial?2017-03-10T12:58:44+01:00

The amount of EPA Fish Oil in Omegabrite capsules contains 350 milligrams of EPA and 40 milligrams of DHA. We recommended taking 3 OmegaBrite Omega 3 fish oil capsules daily, which contain a total of 1050 milligrams of EPA. Always check with your doctor to find what is best for you.

What is the total amount of EPA/DHA in the OmegaBrite KIDZ product?2017-03-10T12:35:57+01:00

There is a total of 57 grams of EPA fish oil and 13.5 grams of DHA in one bottle of OmegaBrite KIDZ.

How can I take OmegaBrite if I can’t swallow a capsule?2017-01-13T13:32:55+01:00