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Formulated by Dr. Carol Locke While On Faculty at Harvard Medical School

OmegaBrite is an extremely pure, high EPA, pharmaceutical quality 90% Omega-3 fatty acid supplement. OmegaBrite has set the Gold Standard for 17 years in the omega-3 industry for science, concentration, and purity.

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OmegaBrite Gelcaps

Price: $39.99

OmegaBrite 100% Natural Advanced Omega-3 Formula

Scientifically formulated Omega 3 capsules with High Purity EPA for maximum benefit.


Gelcaps AutoRefill

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OmegaBrite 100% Natural Advanced Omega-3 Formula

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OmegaBrite KIDZ

Price: $44.99 - Great tasting for kids.

OmegaBrite KIDZ - In Orange Cream and Tutti-Frutti Flavors

Great tasting and easy to take small dosage for kids.


KIDZ Autorefill

Price: $40.49 - Save 10%

Orange Cream and Tutti-Frutti Flavors

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OmegaBrite Benefits

OmegaBrite is an advanced Omega 3 formula with pharmaceutical quality.

Our extremely pure 90% omega-3 supplement has been scientifically formulated to promote several health benefits:

“I’ve been taking OmegaBrite for a couple of months now and I’ve really noticed an improvement in my skin and a reduction of joint pain and stiffness. As someone who suffers from psoriatic arthritis, I am always looking for ways to improve my condition. OmegaBrite is the best Omega 3 supplement I have tried and has really helped with my inflammation.”

Philip W

“My eight-year old son was diagnosed with ADHD. After taking your product for six months, his hyperactivity diminished extensively! Also, he loves the orange cream flavor. Thank you so much for helping my family. I’ve been using your OmegaBrite KIDZ product since February 2006.”

Jennifer C